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After all, God doesn’t ignore you when the NBA is on.For me, having an actual boyfriend has meant dismantling many of the constructs I lived with for years.Continue reading Mezinárodní turnaj O Štít města Chebu byl rozlosován. Minulé ročníky byly ve znamení vyprodané sportovní haly našeho národního týmu.

Continue reading Legendární turnaj v házené žen (44. ligy Skupiny Západ vyzvou soupeřky z týmu TJ Sokol Vršovice Praha.

So while there are moments when I long for the simplicity of the just-Jesus-and-me times, bringing a third party into the relationship has, ironically, brought me closer to my maker.

We will tell you what you need in a relationship, where you screwed up (without knowing it) in past relationships and a customized action plan to make your next relationship successful.

If He had an online-dating profile, it would read something like this: “33-year-old man of Middle Eastern descent. Never judges, loves unconditionally, able to read your deepest thoughts.

Nonsmoker, but enjoys wine on Sunday.”Until recently, Jesus Christ was my one and only.

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