Dating hetro hiv in jamaica

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Medical staff members have received training in diagnostic assessment and referral skills and supportive public and private community-based services have been developed."We have treated people with dignity and respect," says the director of the National AIDS Programme, Dr.It involves: One element of the Bahamian plan has been a consistent and aggressive effort to reduce HIV transmission from mother to child with the anti-HIV regimen zidovudine (AZT).The first study of mother-to-child HIV transmission in the Bahamas in 1992 showed that 30 percent of the babies born to mothers with HIV had the virus; after one year of treating infected mothers, only 10 percent of the babies tested positive.

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Jamaica is further behind in its attempts to develop a strategic plan.As an indication of their intent to combine their modest resources to combat HIV/AIDS, the region's leaders decided in February 2001 to establish the Pan-Caribbean Partnership Against HIV/AIDS, an initiative that links the resources of the governments and the international community with those of civil society to boost national and regional responses. UNAIDS describes the HIV/AIDS epidemic as a patchwork of different epidemics, driven by a combination of behavioral, societal, and economic factors.Strategic planning involves understanding the diversity of these forces, including attitudes toward sex and drug use and the availability and use of HIV-prevention tools such as condoms.For the Dominican Republic, much of the funding is targeted at building up the medical infrastructure.Barbados, with a modern health structure, will use the funds to provide care and treatment.

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