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I apologize if this sounds wacky, but I thought I would "put it out there" so one child would suffer less. We had an EEG a few months ago and it was normal and then our ped. Wondering if you dont mind elaborating a littlemore about your infancy grand mal seizures? I have often wondered about testing his glucose levels as well as dehydration as I've heard there may be a connection to nocuturnal seizures.Changing the environment for your child will do wonders. I have never screamed that loud in my entire life and I'm 46 years old. So I'm so happy to hear I'm not the only one that did this :) Thanks for the note. Our son seems to wake up in a high pitched blood blood curdeling screetch, while stiff and eyes rolled back in his head. His seizures are almost always at night, either an hour after falling asleep or just before waking. lobe surgery (3 yrs ago) which reduced the number of seizures but they are starting to increase.I've always heard the saying, mother's know the tone of their children's voices when something is wrong.I suppose she was aware when something was about to happen.

Yes, there were issues of triggers such as the need of sleep and eating correctly.

If I got a bit overheated, that could cause something so I stayed in an air conditioned room or by a fan more for security than for comfort. We will know more on Monday, we are going to a childrens hospital. Hope you are doing well now and have figured out a way to manage through everything. We are currently getting carpet out of our home and eating organic, as well as eliminating a lot of plastic to store foods.

Dressing in loose clothing in summer was always the key as well. I had an EEG, a CAT Scan, an MRI, and video monitoring done as well. In my experience the EEG does not always show and it required something more intense to see what is happening like an MRI. Sue Thanks for taking the time to write about your experiences. Looking forward to it and dreading it all at the same time. You could also seal your carpets with a product called AFM safecoat ( I think that is it), and that will help a lot too. Carpet is horribly toxic, as well as some furniture and bedding.

It took years to get the right diagnosis and it was a matter of seeing a neurologist who knew what to look for. This lasts a few minutes and then he cries for about 30 -45 minutes before falling back to sleep. They were fixed quickly after that but at any rate, the high fever which caused the scar is in turn what started the epilepsy rolling.

I recall my Mom speaking of the few times while I was at that infant stage she knew something was wrong because I would make a noise and it was different.

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