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Every time after sending money ,delivery company kept asking for more ridiculous amount. Websites are hacked daily and their data is stolen by hackers.The person who originally connected to me claimed to be a guy from Northern Ireland who just started a contract with Malaysia government and was working in Thailand previously. You are not in the ARMY, Walmart won't even sell you camo!Claimed his contract in Thai still owed him contract payment and wld like to use my account to transfer the stated money. They are "selling", stealing the money and never sending the truck then "reselling" the truck. This ip address is used by a scammer Gail Burson claiming to be MP in US army.The theme of the forth coming International Conference is to equip participants with the strategies on Global Empowerment And Human Right. O Bank Nevada United Stete : -We the entire management of Eco Bank wish to inform you and congratulate you about your husband funds Madam, I kindly infrom that united nation office instructed us Board of Eco Bank to transfer your husband fund file sum of Two Hundred Thousand us Dollars to you board of eco bank kindly inform you that what you need to do with us to enable us transfer your husband fund to you is that you have to Obtain united state memebership id card in your name from united nation office first to enable us know who our Eco bank release Engineer James Wilson fund to in Thailand country Madam to Obtain the united state id card will cost you This ip address is used for job in Indigo Airlines ( INDIA ) and the gullible candidates were asked to deposit amounting to 1500 bank in which the candidate was asked to transfer money is located in Bihar State.These events are being Organized and sponsored by Global Empowerment Organization (GEO) in collaboration with oth This ip is a scammer used name JAMES WILSON W Mr. This is scam who claimed to be United Health recruiter, trying to get my bank info and identity. They disguise themselves as job recruiter or hiring manager or HR desk and all that crap to get your bank info desperately by offering fake job positions.

Calls himself also to me as widowed Military Police Officer in Afghanistan and he is making money to pay the English Customs For a diplomatic bag with 1.200.000 US dollars.The IP address is CUIDADO se hacen pasar por reclutadores para trabajar en toronto para la compañía Pacific West subsidiaria de Canadian Solar, ofreciendo muchos beneficios y salarios altos. I am Dr Najeebullah Mojadidi from Fast Track Courier Service Dubai.Al final piden dinero para el transporte de avión, ya han estafado a muchas personas from this Credit Mutuale bank of Paris , france contacted for i core loan and asking for 1 lakh INR in SBI Indian accounts to clear diplomatic channel tansit document / packet at Indira Gandhi International Airport He tried to spear phish one of my users, with a very well done email, claimed to be our director, he is wel informed. Your consignment/Parcel box from Syria has safely arrived Al Maktoum Airport Meridien President central Hall, Dakar Senegal West Africa, We are welcoming you to participate in this forth coming international conference.You may take the opportunity to participate in this International conference.

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