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Userplane Web Chat is truly the next step in chat software - beyond generic and ubiquitous chat rooms, Userplane Web Chat is a feature-rich, solidly-built, and easily-integrated Flash-based application that enables real-time text messaging and streaming audio/video communication for any website. s robust Flash Communication Server technology, Web Chat enables community, dating, corporate and collaborative websites to rapidly deploy a scalable, centrally-hosted a/v chat room for their users.

ICEspresso Chat Framework is a Javascript library to help rapidly developing web chat room, instant messaging and user status updating.

It is easy to integrate with the existing membership of social network or online community site.

It does however require a free or paid subscription from User Plane Web Messenger is the next generation of instant messaging software: beyond text messaging, Web Messenger provides rich, web-based, multi-lingual, text and streaming audio/video communication for any website.

Leveraging Macromedia’s robust Flash Communication Server technology, Web Messenger enables community, dating, corporate and collaborative websites to rapidly deploy state-of-the-art text and a/v communication for their users. Please note there is a setup charge applied by userplane for all new accounts.

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