Percy and annabeth dating

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He could almost taste her, feeling her skin become hot at his touch.

She let out a small, unsuspecting gasp as his hands lingered at the hem of her dress.

But she was still a girl, and he was still a boy, and in the eyes of the entire universe, they were still the same kids who had been running from the world's atrocity, for years now. A long moment of silence before either of them dared to say a word.

They didn't remember how they had gotten to where they had, or how many things they had stumbled upon or pushed to the ground in their manic frenzy, but the truth was, it didn't really matter.

He brushed his lips against hers, slowly, breathing in her air.

Then, he traced the soft outline of her jaw with his mouth. Her hair, her taste, her smell, everything was addicting and he felt intoxicated.

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It certainly wasn't something he was used to, this was an entirely new feeling on its own, overwhelming to the senses.

He could feel his own heart, pounding violently against his chest. To know that she wasn't just a ghost in his memory, that she was there, living, breathing, concrete. That she too was caught up in the moment, that she too acknowledged they were burning through each other's bloodstreams like poison, devouring everything that stood in their way.

It felt good to touch her, to have her touch him, not necessarily in a sexual way, although he thought (or more accordingly hoped) that was where they were rapidly heading. He imagined her, with her dress hiked up, and her legs wrapped around his waist, rasping out his name. He wanted to be tangled up in her, until neither one of them remembered where one ended and the other began. He stopped kissing her body, long enough to look at her.

Percy's hands were on her waist now, clinging onto her, flesh on flesh.

Her lips moved aggressively on his, as both of them danced back and forth.

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