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Project Summary: The human genome is exquisitely organized, packing five feet of DNA into a microscopic nucleus.This level of compaction requires an equally impressive level of organization.Our group and others have recently demonstrated that activating the patients’ own immune cells can induce clinical responses, even in chemotherapy-refractory DLBCL patients.The central goal of this SCOR is to establish a collaborative team-science approach aiming at the development of new immune therapeutic strategies for DLBCL.LLS investigators are outstanding scientists at the forefront of leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma research at centers throughout the world.Search to see the many research projects that LLS is currently funding.A specific mutation on one of the blood cell surface proteins called Jak2 is the leading cause of this group of diseases.

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Not only does the DNA have to fit into such a tiny space; the genes required for the cell’s function must be properly expressed with high fidelity.

To accomplish this seemingly insurmountable task, the genome is organized into a cascading series of loops whose formation is mediated by a multi-protein complex called the cohesin complex.

Grant: 3373-18 | Career Development Program (CDP): Location: Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia 30322-4250 Year: 2017 Project Title: Tetrameric Acetyltransferase ACAT1 Is A Novel Therapeutic Target In Treatment Of Human Leukemia Project Summary: Tyrosine kinases (TKs) are a group of proteins that serve as "on/off" switches to control various cellular functions.

When TKs are continuously turned on (“activated”) in blood cells leukemia may result.

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