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Articles are now ran on models based on how much their studios spend on advertising, versus how much they are actually worth or even earn a year.As the webcam modeling industry quickly becomes the new circus I find it hard to want to associate myself with the clowns anymore. I have been inducted into the Adult Webcam Hall Of Fame.Their support, motivation, and ability to continue to grow in an industry that is ever changing is phenomenal.Therefore renewing my exclusivity contract was a no brainer, as I could never see myself calling any other network Home.

With that being said I cannot help but feel that it may be time to say goodbye. I had never cammed before and as nervous as I was, I would have never thought 7 years later I would still be here.So do me a favor guys and be sure to check this hottie out. As I step back and look at how saturated the webcam modeling industry has become I cannot help but ask myself if it is time to say goodbye.I remember when there were only 3 sites and anyone who was anyone was on Flirt 4 Free.In just the short while she has been here, her drive to succeed has outspoken itself time and time again.Scarlet has quickly become not only a top model, but a huge reminder of where I came from.

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