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In February 2017, Higgins was charged with three felonies: second-degree forgery, theft by deception, and identity theft.

Higgins was the general manager of a hotel, and the charges alleged that she had diverted funds for her own use from seven payroll checks in the name of a former employee.

We want to build a 21 st century Lexington that we all can be proud of, and where we all prosper.

We are fortunate here in Lexington to have so many great things to count on as natural resources, but like many communities there are challenges as well.

As a member of management in the hospitality industry, I see first-hand the need for a qualified workforce in the field of service, and finding and retaining quality employees can be a challenge.When asked what her top priority would be if elected, the candidate made the following statement: Lexington needs better representation, from a fresh perspective, including greater workforce accessibility and transparency.I want to work with all members of our great community to build a future that’s stronger and brighter than ever before, providing our children with the opportunities they deserve.Aside from the moral compass of our leaders, the state of economic development in our community is one of the most consequential factors in our lives.It influences every aspect of our community, from our jobs to our families.

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