Updating gps software

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You can verify the version of firmware that you currently have by reviewing the menu screens that shows FW version as shown in this image.Software update available for Trophy Cam models 119636, 119626 with a serial number less than B140610000 to preserve the time and date setting when you turn the cameras off.Please note that the instructions for install will be contained in the downloaded "Read Me" file.You can now setup the camera as normal, but will now have the option to change the camera from dynamic video capture to 5-60 second video clips.

To make certain that you have the latest software update for your Trophy Cam, please read below.Install 12 new AA batteries in your Trophy Cam HD Wireless and insert the SD card into your trail camera.The Upgrade starts and finishes in about 30 seconds, once it has finished the green LED light will stop blinking and turn to simply a red LED motion sensor light.If the first six characters in the model number are 119425, 119435, 119445 or 119455 you may need the update.(Model number is shown on back of package and back of camera) Plug the camera into a computer via the supplied USB cable.

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