Updating my computer

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Windows 8 improves things by giving you a three-day grace period to restart your computer, although it no longer displays this information on the desktop.

After installing updates, you’ll see a notification on your welcome screen asking you to reboot.

On Windows 7 and previous versions of Windows, Windows will start to nag you after installing most updates.

It will pop up and inform you that it’s restarting your computer in fifteen minutes unless you postpone the shutdown.

We covered this when we looked at examples of useful registry hacks The Windows registry can be scary at first glance.

It’s a place where power users can change a wide variety of settings that aren’t exposed elsewhere.

On Windows 8, you’ll have to click the Settings option before you see the Windows Update shortcut.

Click each update to view more information, if you like. To have Windows ignore an update in the future, just right-click that specific update and select Hide update.

Windows Update is one of the key elements of Microsoft’s operating system for keeping your computer working and up to date.

Without it, your computer would freely collect malware, unpatched security holes would be exploited..., you may want to reboot your computer and try again.

In some rare cases, Windows may install an update that causes an unusual, rare problem with your computer’s software or hardware.

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