Who is ernie valens dating

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Alex first approached Scotty in the fall of 2006, while building a case against Fitzpatrick, a boxing coach alleged to have molested several young boys for several years.She noted that Scotty's older brother Mike Valens was among his students.Detectives kept this information to themselves to prevent another attack on Ross.Unfortunately, the DA's office soon brought FBI into the investigation and issued a press release naming Ross as the bomber's intended target.

Despite their past arguments, Alex would console Scotty while his partner was treated in the hospital.Scotty angrily confronted Alex about this, telling her the FBI only takes information, never sharing it, and that her office had put Ross in danger.Alex coolly told him her job was to catch Rossilini and that Ross was not her problem.Alexandra Thomas was an Assistant District Attorney in Philadelphia who often worked closely with the Philly PD's Homicide Unit.She eventually entered into a relationship with Homicide Detective Scotty Valens in 2007, which ended in 2008.

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